Eczema Skin Care-The Bare Essentials

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can be extremely itchy in addition to leaving skin red and irritated. In addition, small bumps or blisters may appear during a flare-up. The most common form of this condition is atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema as it is often known. The cause of eczema is unclear, but it often first appears in early childhood and can be very disturbing to those who are affected. If you or someone you love has to suffer through the itching and dry skin, relief is available. Eczema skin care can help to prevent flare-ups as well as reduce the agony of one in progress.

Those who suffer from eczema have “leaky skin”. This basically means that the skin is supposed to function as a barrier, but does not. Anything that goes on to the skin of a person with eczema sinks into the deeper layers. The immune system is then activated and eczema results. For every human, the skin loses  water and natural oils during everyday life. These normally moisturize the skin and keep it supple. For those with this condition, the skin is very dry and more sensitive to anything it comes into contact with. Any eczema dermatology specialist will tell you that water can actually make the condition worse. As plain water evaporates, it takes these natural oils along and, if they are not replaced, the skin becomes drier.

If you follow basic eczema skin care, you can help to avoid this. First and foremost, use tepid water when showering or bathing as the hotter the water, the more oils are lost. Also, take short showers during flare-ups to reduce exposure. When you finish cleaning, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing as rubbing may irritate skin. Immediately moisturize with a fragrance-free moisturizer as any added essentials oils or perfumes can also irritate skin.

Another essential part of eczema treatment or psoriasis skin care for that matter is to avoid harsh household cleaners, detergents and the like. Wear gloves when using water for household tasks and follow up with an anti-bacterial gel rather than soap as they are less drying to the skin. Also, wear gloves when going outside in the winter as cold air and low humidity can dry the skin. Continue your eczema skin care throughout the year in order to prevent flare-ups and have soft, supple skin others will want to touch.

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